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Caught Jacking Off is a site featuring videos of guys caught jacking off by girls. The site stems from my experience of being caught jacking off. Here is my story...

Mary, my mom's friend, used to stay over sometimes and one day she caught me jacking off to porn when I thought the house was empty. I was so embarrassed but Mary was so cool - without saying a word she just walked over and started stroking my rock hard cock. I couldn't believe how soft her hand felt as she moved it up and down my shaft. I only lasted a couple of minutes before my balls tightened and I squirted buckets of cum all over her hand.

As Mary cleaned us both up she whispered to me that this would be our little secret and as far as I know she has never said a word about it to anyone. I will never forget what happened that day and I still think about it often. This site is dedicated to Mary and to all the guys who have ever been caught jacking off!

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CFNM Femdom Humiliation Special!!

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Caught Jacking Off in Women's Changing Room

Jacking Off in Women's Changing Room

Jacking in Changing Room - Watch Here

This video features a guy caught jacking off in the women's changing room of a theatre. As the girls got ready for their production the guy hid himself behind a curtain to spy on them getting changed. As the girls undressed the guy couldn't resist stroking himself through his jeans and soon had a big hard cock straining against the tight denim. The urge to release it was too much and he unzipped his jeans and let his hard cock out into the open. It was just at this moment that one of the girls heard something and pulled the curtain aside to find him cowering with his throbbing cock protruding from his zipper.

To watch this full-length video of a guy caught jacking off in the women's changing room just follow the link below...

Caught with his Cock Out - Click Here

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Caught Me Jacking Off – I was Caught in Hotel Room

"My girlfriend and her three mates caught me jacking off in our hotel room one night when they came back early from a night out. I'd been jacking off to the hotel porn channel - watching some hot porn star getting her asshole nailed. My girlfriend won't let me near her asshole so she was pretty pissed to catch me jacking it to anal porn... but I wasn't prepared for what happened next.

Guy Caught in Hotel Room

Caught Jacking to Porn - Watch Here

"Just as a realised she had caught me jacking off I noticed her three friends follow her into the room. It was bad enough being caught by my girlfriend but being caught by her friends as well was even worse. The four girls looked at me in disgust for nearly a full minute before any of them said anything. Strangely my cock remained rock hard for the whole of this time - it seemed to have a mind of its own and was throbbing madly."

If you want to know what happened next when this guy was caught jacking off in his hotel room, then follow the link below to watch the video...

Caught Boyfriend Gets Punished - Click Here

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Sister Caught Brother Jacking Off on Her Bed

Jacking Off on Her Bed

Sister Caught Brother Video - Watch Here

In this video a sister caught her brother jacking off on her bed after she had her best friends over for a sleepover. The brother had sneaked into her room while they were out so he could sniff her friend's panties and jack off. He was shocked when the three girls came home early and caught him naked on the bed stroking his cock with a used pair of panties pressed to his nose. The girls were pretty shocked too and they decided to teach him a lesson he would never forget. You can find out what that lesson was by watching the video on the link below...

Panty Sniffer Caught Jacking - Click Here

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